Journal of Engineering & Technology

The Journal of Engineering and Technology is a peer reviewed bi-annual journal of chhotubhai goopalbhai patel institute of technology. The core objective of the journal is to encourage youth scholars to contribute through research papers, articles , case reviews and various advanced topics in engineering.

The Bi-annual hardboound of the journal focuses duly on original theoritical work of experimental work. The selection of paper for publication will be based on their relevance, clarity,topicality and originality.

The e-journal is published quarterly which in addition to above includes the published paper nationaly or internationaly along with the name/year of journal/conference.


Dr. Shailesh A. Patel (President , UTU , Bardoli)

Chief Editor:

Dr. Dinesh R. Shah (Provost , UTU , Bardoli)


Dr. Navin Shah ( Director , CGPIT , Bardoli )
Dr. Chinmay Desai ( HOD , Mechanical & Automobile Engineering, CGPIT , Bardoli)

Editorial Board:

Dr. A. A. Shaikh (Associate Professor, SVNIT, Surat, MECH)
Dr. Ashok Sharma (Post doctoral research associate lowa state university, USA, MECH)
Dr. M. A. Zaveri (Associate Professor, SVNIT, Surat, CE/IT)
Dr. P. J. Gondaliya (Associate Professor, L. E. College of Engg., Morbi, Civil)
Dr. Upena Dalal (Professor, EC engg. dpt., SVNIT, Surat)
Dr. Varsha Shah (Professor, EE engg. dpt., SVNIT, Surat)
Dr. Amit Ganatra (Professor, CE/IT engg. dpt., CHARUSAT, Vidhyanagar)
Dr. Shree Mishra ( Deputy registrar , UTU , Bardoli)
Mr. Kamlesh Gandhi ( HOD , Civil Engineering , CGPIT , Bardoli)
Mr. Rakesh Gajre (HOD, Electronics & Electrical Engineering , CGPIT, Bardoli)
Ms. Purvi Tandel(HOD, Computer & Information technology , CGPIT , Bardoli)
Ms. Vibha Patel (Assistant Professor , CE/IT Engg. Dept , CGPIT , Bardoli)
Mr. Paresh Chotani (Assistant Professor , Mech/Auto Engg. Dept , CGPIT , Bardoli)

Associate Editors:

Ms. Kinjal Mistree (Assistant professor , CE/IT Engg. Dept., CGPIT , Bardoli)
Mr. Lalaji Godhani (Assistant Professor , Mech/Auto Engg. Dept , CGPIT , Bardoli)
Mr. Hitesh Dhameliya (Assistant Professor , Civil Engg. Dept , CGPIT , Bardoli)
Mr. Naitik Nakrani (Assistant Professor , EC/Elec Engg. Dept , CGPIT , Bardoli)
Ms. Komal Desai(Assistant Professor , Chemical Engg. Dept , CGPIT , Bardoli)
Dr. Bhavika Tailor (Assistant Professor , ASH Dept , CGPIT , Bardoli)

Paper 1: “A Review on Intrusion Detection System Using Data Mining Technique Support Vector Machine"

Author(s): Ms. Vaibhavi Mistry , Ms. Vibha Patel
No. of Pages: 6
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Paper 2: Active Noise Control Using LMS & NLMS Algorithm

Author(s): Mr.Nilay Desai, Dr.Utpal Pandya, Mr. Chintan Desai
No. of Pages: 5
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Paper 3: Analysis of Precast Building System

Author(s): Mr.Anuj Chandiwala
No. of Pages: 6
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Paper 4: Effect of Heat Flux Variation on Thermal Performance of Circular Mini Channel

Author(s): Mr.Twinkal Bhavsar , Mr. Paresh Chhotani
No. of Pages: 10
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Paper 5: GPRS Simulation for Packet Sending

Author(s): Ms. Divya Ahir, Ms. Trushna Khatri
No. of Pages: 6
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Paper 6: Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage in Greenhouse A Review

Author(s): Mr. Gauravkumar Gadhesaria, Dr. Chinmay Desai
No. of Pages: 12
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Paper 7: Role of Geotextile in Highway Stabilization

Author(s): Ms. Grishma Thaker
No. of Pages: 6
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Paper 8: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of V-Trough Solar Collector based on Water Heating System

Author(s): Mr. Raghuvir R. Gupta, Dr. Chinmay K. Desai
No. of Pages: 9
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Paper 9: Twitter Word Frequency Count using Hadoop Components

Author(s): Ms. Pooja S. Desai, Ms. Isha Agarwal
No. of Pages: 6
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Counsellor Details

ID List Counsellor Name E-mail ID
All Ms. Niyanta Desai

Time Table


Curriculum Lesson Planning List of Practicals Question Bank Material / Assignment
020040501 - .NET Technology
020040502 - Operating System
020040503 - Microprocessor & Interfacing
020040504 - Fundamentals of Software Development
020040505 - Seminar
020040506 - Web Technologies-II
020040507 - Computer Graphics
020040508 - System Programming

Counsellor Details

Time Table


Curriculum Lesson Planning List of Practicals Question Bank Material / Assignment
020040601 - Open Source Technologies
020040602 - Andriod Programming
020040603 - Server Management Lab
020040604 - Project (Pr)
020040605 - Information Security
020040506 - Web Technologies-II
020040604 - TCP-IP and Network Programming