Department of Applied Science & Humanities

About The Department

Established in 2010, as one among the departments of CG Patel Institute of Engineering and Technology, Department of Applied Science and Humanities (ASH) participates in B. Tech by the Faculty. The department is presently being headed by Dr. Shree Mishra, Ph.D., Physics. Ever since its inception, the department has a mission of imparting teaching and promoting implementation of practical aspects of Applied Sciences and Humanities to build a solid foundation as part of the Engineering Education.

The department teaches the subjects of Mathematics, Physics, Professional communication and Management in the B. Tech. programs. The department has well equipped laboratory and professionally trained staff. There are well qualified and experienced faculty members whose services are available to the department.

We are guided by the vision to disseminate value-based education whereby students are motivated to grow intellectually, physically, and emotionally and continue their learning throughout life.