Department of Chemical Engineering

About The Department

Welcome to the CGPIT Chemical Engineering webpage!

Department of Chemical Engineering was established in the year 2015. The department started with a 4 Year Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering with an objective is to prepare students for professional practice, graduate study, lifelong learning and to learn novel scientific and technological concepts used for chemical engineering practice.

Chemical Engineering at CGPIT is a mixture of traditional Chemical Engineering as well as the upcoming areas of Chemical Engineering. The department has qualified faculty members engaged in teaching with the aim of achieving excellence in various fields. We aim at educating our students to discover and disseminate knowledge through research. We are committed to achieve excellence and evaluates success using the highest standards of quality, innovation, and visibility, while at the same time providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our students have full access to the University's rich infrastructure and culture. Most of the courses are designed in such a fashion that there are ample scope for students to think beyond the class room teaching and learn innovative techniques to solve real life problems.

As CGPIT is located in southern part of Gujarat where lots of chemical engineering companies are situated, the students get a chance to interact with local chemical companies and get connected through summer internships and regular plant visits to industries. To have practical experience, laboratories are developed. The department owns laboratories in the area of Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, chemistry, chemical process technology etc. For overall development of students, the department follows holistic approach that incorporates career counselling, industrial tour and professional society related exercises along with academic activities.

We welcome your visit to our campus and department, either in person or via the web to know more about the latest in chemical engineering at CGPIT!