Department of Electrical Engineering

About The Department

Electrical Engineering Department was established in 2011 with vision of providing trained human capital for sustainable development in the field of Electrical Engineering. This field of Engineering imparts technical know-how in the areas of Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Control Systems, Power Electronics, Instrumentation and Simulations.

It is no exaggeration to say that consumption of electrical energy is an index of the growth of civilization. Electrical engineering is getting more and more enriched by the continual research and development activities being pursued throughout the world. To meet this demand our department has developed laboratories in the areas fundamental of Electrical Engineering, Electrical machines, Electrical Measurement, Control System, Power Electronics with cutting edge technology.

The Department is committed to excellence in its academic programs by enabling its students to achieve blending of knowledge acquisition and applications of such knowledge in real life situations. It is also aimed to equip them to adopt themselves to global needs upholding professional ethics and to contribute their might in transforming India into a world leader in technological advancement and prosperity.

The department offers B.Tech, M.Tech (Power System) and various PhD programmes. It is well accepted by students and industries.