Department of Computer Engineering

Head of Department

Prof. Devendra V. Thakor

HoD, CO/IT Department, CGPIT.

Message for Students

Dear Students,

Congratulations, now you are a part of CGPIT, one of the best engineering colleges in South Gujarat region. Research suggests that very few percentage of population in India get a chance to be a part of engineering community. So you are really lucky to have secured admission in an engineering institution, where the management is continuously focusing on developing world class infrastructure with well equipped laboratories, recruiting highly qualified and dedicated teachers, quality education as well as moral development of students.

Provided such an opportunity, you must make the best use of available resources and your caliber to mould yourself into a professional who is ready to face any challenges to achieve his/her goal. You all must be very clear with your short term as well as long term goals. To be clear with your goal you must explore your interest in academic and nonacademic aspects as well. This is not easy, you need to work hard continuously and keep your energy focused. To achieve that you need to maintain self discipline and keep patience.

You must be clear with the basics of all the subjects that you will study in your curriculum, so you must study them thoroughly. Learn to make studying a fun so that you will always enjoy it and once you start enjoying it you can easily understand and explore new horizons.

Apart from academics you should develop your soft skills as well. And for that you should participate in extra-curricular activities which also help you to develop your management skills.

We promise to share all our knowledge and expertise with you. We all are here to help and to guide you, solving your problems is a pleasure for all of us.

Our best wishes are always with you. May your journey at CGPIT is a continuous learning experience filled with joy. We hope that you will never forget values and ethics throughout your life.

All the best and Enjoy..!