Department of Electrical/EC Engineering

About The Department

Electrical Engineering Department was established in 2011 with vision of providing trained human capital for sustainable development in the field of Electrical Engineering. This field of Engineering imparts technical know-how in the areas of Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Control Systems, Power Electronics, Instrumentation and Simulations.

It is no exaggeration to say that consumption of electrical energy is an index of the growth of civilization. Electrical engineering is getting more and more enriched by the continual research and development activities being pursued throughout the world. To meet this demand our department has developed laboratories in the areas fundamental of Electrical Engineering, Electrical machines, Electrical Measurement, Control System, Power Electronics with cutting edge technology.

The Department is committed to excellence in its academic programs by enabling its students to achieve blending of knowledge acquisition and applications of such knowledge in real life situations. It is also aimed to equip them to adopt themselves to global needs upholding professional ethics and to contribute their might in transforming India into a world leader in technological advancement and prosperity.

The department offers B.Tech, M.Tech (Power System) and various PhD programmes. It is well accepted by students and industries.

Head of Department

Ms. Karmani Rajput
I/C HoD, EC/Electrical Engineering Department, CGPIT.

Message for Students

Dear Students,

Electronics and Electrical has permeated all spheres of life in a big way. We are confronted with an era which features electronic data storage, retrieval, manipulation, and high-speed computing and communications based on high-density microelectronic and nano-electronic solid-state integrated circuits. Revolution in wireless and optical communications technologies necessitates fundamental understanding of the generation, propagation, and detection of the electromagnetic and optical waves. In the wake of rapid technological advancements, where work and other activities are increasingly transformed by access to varied and developing technologies, the significance of preparing graduates for a career in the pervasive disciplines of electrical and electronics including information handling, aspects of telecommunications is of paramount importance.

The time is now ripe for the graduates of the Electronics & Electrical Engineering program to equip themselves with knowledge that can assist them to leap into the real world wherein they shall be able to fulfill their dreams of being worthy and useful members of the engineering community. All of this demands exercise of potential and capabilities with enthusiasm and vigor. Let it not be said that we did not prove equal to the challenging task of being productive in this competitive global scenario.

Elements of EE and EC Department

The objective of this Laboratory course is to provide essential understanding of electrical circuits, equipments, meters, power supplies etc through some major experiments comprising basic lows of electrical circuits. The laboratory area is 215.04 Sq. m. The lab has provided by single phase and three phase AC power supplies and the equipments consists of DC power supplies, Single phase and Three phase Variacs, CRO, DC Motor, Rheostat, Single phase and Three phase Resistive load box, Capacitive load box, and Inductive load, Ammeters, Voltmeters, Wattmeters, Multimeters, Lamp load, and Connecting wires. At the completion of this course, the students will be able for the implementation of their practical knowledge to basic electrical circuits and equipments.

List of available laboratories are as follows:


Sr. No. Name of Committee Name of Coordinator Faculty Duties and Responsibilities
1 Time Table and Load Distribution 1. Rakesh Gajre 2. Hiren Galiyawala 3. Jayesh Munjani 4. Ankit Adesara 5. Ankur Rana 6. Unnati Mali 1. Load Calculation and Distribution. 2. Preparation of Time Table. 3. Lookafter for timely updation in the time table. 4. Allocate the classroom and lab allocation to respective division.
2 Internal Examination 1. Krupa Dave 2. Ajay Singh 3. Sharad Fadadu 4. Darshan Vora 5. Ankur Rana 1. Preparation of Unit Test Time Table. 2. Allocate Supervision Duty. 3. Distribution of Answer Book to Subject Teacher. 4. Maintain Leave Record of Student during Exam.
3 University Examination & Question Bank Portal 1. Rakesh Gajre 2. Mayank Kapadiya 3. Jignesha Ahir 4. Karmani Rajput 5. Krupa Dave 6. Hiren Galiyawala 7. Nidhi Shah 1. Prepare list of inernal and external examiers subject wise. 2. Track record of External Examiners. 3. Prepare the Time Table of Practical Examination for respective semester. 4. Make an alternative arrangement in the case of unavailability of external examiner. 5. Inform such changes to COE through Head of Institution. 6. Question Bank Expert list, work on portal
4 Result Analysis (Internal+Unversity) 1. Jemish Maisuria 2. Dhara Marwadi 3. Zalak Vyas 4. Chand Thakor 5. Nitiksha Pancholi 1. Collect the Result of Unit & Mid Exam from faculty and exam committee. 2. Analyze the Result as per requirement. 3. Submit the Analysis Report to Head and Exam Committee. 4. Prepare result analysis report for meeting and UTU portal entry.
5 Student Information System 1. Hiren Galiyawala 2. Ankit Adesara 3. Zalak Vyas 4. Karmani Rajput 5. Priyanka Patel 6. Yashvi Parmar 1. Implement the SIS for Department. 2. Verify student details in every semester and modify SIS according to this. 2. Track the proper & regular entry in SIS. 3. Report to Head if any faculty not making entry in SIS.
6 Training & Placement 1. Rakesh Gajre 2. Manish Nakrani 3. Mayank Kapadia 4. Jayesh Munjani 5. Naitik Nakrani 6. Prof. Nilay Desai 7. Darshan Vora 8. Jay Patel 9. Hiren Sidhpuria 10. Hinal Surati All Staff 1. Prepare the database of students studying in final and pre-final year. 2. Make counseling of student for placement awareness. 3. Find the different area of interest of students. 4. Prepare the list of industries with their contact details. 5. Initiate conversation with industries for training and placement. 6. Keep proper track of every conversation and take continuous feedback.
7 Industrial Visit & Training 1. Ankit Adesara 2. Hiren Sidhpuria 1. Arrange Industrial visit for students in industries. 2. Keep record of such visit. 3. All staff in department can help in this activity.
8 Website 1. Jayesh Munjani 2.Chintan Desai 3. Karmani Rajput 4. Hiren Sidhpuria 1. Keep the department data on CGPIT website updated. 2. Inform to central coordinator regarding any update.
9 Annual Report, Newsletter & Department Documentation 1. Tarun Lad 2. Sharad Fadadu 3. Krupali Umaria 4. Jignesha Ahir 5. Ankur Rana 6. Ranjit Rajak 7. Yahsvi Parmar 1. Keep the record of activity happen in the department. 2. Collect documentry record for such activity. 3. All faculty must submit the document for any activity done to this committee through Head. 4. Prepare material for News letter and press release.
10 Academic Monitoring Cell 1. Zalak Vyas, Dip - I,III 2. Unnati Mali, Dip - V 3. Darshan Vora, B.Tech. EE-I 3. Ankur Rana, B.Tech. EE - III-A 4. Chand Thakor, B.Tech. EE - V-A 5. Jignesha Ahir, B.Tech. EE V - B 6. Priyanka Patel, B.Tech. EE VII- A 7. Nidhi Shah, B.Tech. EE VII - B 8. Krupali Umaria, B.Tech. EC - I 9. Nita Patil, B.Tech. EC - III 10. Dhara Marwadi, B.Tech. EC - V 11. Ajay singh, B.Tech. EC - VII 1. Check for the proper conduction of classes & laboratories in department (Ankur Rana & Ajay singh). 2. Keep the record to alternate arrangement done by the faculty during non availability (Chand Thakor & Dhara Marwadi). 3. All faculty must submit inform their load adjustment to (Chand Thakor & Dhara Marwadi) before proceed for leave.
11 Expert Talk, Workshop, Seminar All Staff 1. All staff are invited to arrange expert talk, workshop, seminar, STTP or any other kind of student beneficial activity.
12 M.Tech Dissertation / Seminar 1. Naitik Nakrani (Diss-EC) 2. Krupa Dave (Seminar-EC) 2. Jay Patel (Diss-PS) 3. Jignisha Ahir (Seminar-PS) 1. Arrange the schedule for presentation of Dissertation work. 2. Keep the record of assessment during the semester.
13 M.Tech. Mini Project 1. Unnati Mali (MEE-Sem 1) 2. Jemish Maisuria (MEC-Sem 1) 1. Allocate the topic to students after due verification. 2. Arrange the schedule for presentation of mini project. 3. Keep the record of assessment during the semester.
14 B.Tech. Project 1. Mayank Kapadia 2. Hiren Galiyawala 3. Nidhi Shah 4.Hinal Surati 5. Karmani Rajput 1. Arrange the schedule for presentation of Dissertation work. 2. Keep the record of assessment during the semester.
15 Diploma Project 1. Nitiksha Pancholi 2. Yashvi Parmar 3. Arjun Jariwala 1. Allocate the topic to students after due verification. 2. Arrange the schedule for presentation of mini project. 3. Keep the record of assessment during the semester.
16 Board of Studies & TES 1. Krupa Dave 2. Tarun Lad 3. Jayesh Munjani 4. Karmani Rajput 5. Jay Patel 6. Priyanka Patel 1. Verify and Prepare the Teaching and Evaluation Scheme of Diploma, UG and PG courses. 2. Verify and Prepare the detail syllabus of each subject. 3. Circulate the same among the faculties after due verification.
17 Purchase & Resource Development Maintanance Record 1. Jemish Maisuria 2. Naitik Nakrani 3. Mayank Kapadia 4. Nita Patil 5. Jay Patel 6. Ankur Rana 7. Priyanka Patel 8. Arjun Jariwala 1. Keep updated with the different laboratories in the department. 2. Invite any deficiencies in the laboratories from respective faculties in the department. 3. Put such deficiencies ( Maintanance or New Purchase ) with Head of Department for further process.
18 ISTE 1. Mayank Kapadia 2. Ankur Rana 1. Keep the track of activities under the banner of ISTE. 2. Invite the Speakers from academics / industries to give the talk in workshop/Seminar/STTP.
19 Library ( Department + Institute) 1. Krupali Umaria 2. Dhara Marwadi 1. Yashvi Parmar 2. Chand Thakor 1. Keep the Library purchase requirement updated with Institute Librarian. 2. Invite the recommendation of books/journals/periodicals/magazines. 3. Put the purchase of same again Head of Institution through Head.
20 Student's Feedback Collection 1. Chintan Desai 2. Zalak Vyas 3. Hinal Surati 1. Timely mail the feedback form to students 2. Analyze the feedback response and submit the same to department
21 CIE 1. Chintan Desai 2. Darshan Vora 3. Nita Patil 4. Ranjit Rajjak 1. Continous Internal Evaluation (Maintain all the records of CIE practicle entry) and verify UTU portal entry at the end of semester.
21 Outreach Cell 1. Ajay Singh 2. Sharad Fadadu 3. Manish Nakrani 4. Jay Patel 5. Ranjit Rajak 6. Hiren Sidhpuria 1. Help the students to clear competitive exams. 2.Inform the students regarding to different competitions (Technical) outside institute 3. Maintain the record of the student achievements.
22 Alumni Cell 1. Ranjit Rajak 2. Hinal Surati 3. Yashvi Parmar 4. Manish Nakrani 5. Mayank Kapadia 6. Naitik Nakrani 1. Keep record of alumni students updated i.e. Name, Current Status, Exixting Email, Contact No.
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