Department of Civil Engineering

Faculty Achievements

Ms. Apurva Suthar has presented paper titled "Hydrodynamic Simulation of Open Channel Flow using MIKE-11 and its validation- A Case Study" in National Conference on Hydraulics and Water Resources- HYDRO-11, SVNIT, Surat, December-2011.

Ms. Rinkal Patel has presented paper titled "Mix Traffic Characteristics of Urban Collector Road in Indian Context" presented and published in RATE - 12, July-2010.

Ms. Rinkal Patel has presented and published paper titled "Estimation of Macroscopic Stream Parameters for Performance Evaluation of Undivided Collector Street in India" in, ITES Conference-2012.

Ms. Khushboo Parmar has presented paper titled "Use of Ozone in Waste water Treatment" in ICBEIA-September 2011, Pune.

Ms. Khushboo Parmar has presented and published paper titled "Urban Road Traffic Noise: Unwanted Sound or Unwanted Issue?" in IJGTI, March 2012, Mumbai.

Mr. Anuj Chandiwala has published paper titled "Earthquake Analysis of Building Configuration with Different Position of Shear Wall" in IJETAE, December-2012.

Mr. Anuj Chandiwala has awarded as Best Student of the Year at CKPCET, 2006-07.

Mr. Shyam Doshi has published paper titled" COST MODEL FOR WATER SUPPLY AND DRAINAGE IN BUILDINGS USING COST SIGNIFICANCE APPROACH" in International journal of multi disciplinary research and advances in engineering (IJMRAE) ISSN 0975-7074, Vol. 5, No. II (April 2013), pp. 23-35.

Mr. Parth Tandel has published paper titled" Paper titled "Use of coagulation for the post treatment of UASB effluent" in NCEVT, May-2013.