Department of Mechanical Engineering & Automobile Engineering

Faculties of Mechanical/Automobile Engineering

No. Photo Name Designation Area Of Interest Contact no. /
Email address
1 Dr. Chinmay K. Desai Head of the
Thermal Sciences,
Automobile Engg,
I.C. Engines,
Manufacturing Processes,
Materials Engg.
2 Mr. Paresh C. Chhotani Assistant Professor Finite Element Analysis,
Computer Graphics
3 Mr. Brijesh R. Naik Assistant Professor Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Fluid Engg. 91-9586137378
4 Mr. Sudhakar Nakka Assistant Professor CAD/CAM, Bio-mechanics,
Automobile Engg.
5 Mr. Ankit J. Desai Assistant Professor Strength of Material,
Machine Design,
Applied Mechanics
6 Mrs. Palak Hardik Desai Assistant Professor Manufacturing Processes,
Material Science and Metallurgy,
Production Technology,
Automobile Systems
7 Mr. Harshit Desai Assistant Professor Welding, Six Sigma,
Project Management,
Supply Chain Management,
Non Destructive Testing
8 Mr. Hiren A. Shah Assistant Professor Modern Refrigeration System,
Solar Energy,
Design of Compact & Micro Heat Exchangers
9 Mr. Sunny N. Desai Assistant Professor Mechanical Design,
Stress Analysis,
10 Mr. Vikesh B. Patel Assistant Professor Machine Design,
Automobile Component Design,
11 Mr. Ramakant I. Panchal Assistant Professor Machine Design,
Theory of Machine,
12 Mr. Pratik J. Patel Assistant Professor Design Of Experiments,
Geometric Dimensioning
& Tolerance,
Fluid Drives & Control,
Pro - Mechanical
13 Mr. Darshan A. Kapadia Assistant Professor Automobile Engines,
Body and Chassis Engg.,
Vehicle Maintenance,
Computational Fluid Dynamics
14 Mr. Lalaji N. Godhani Assistant Professor Pressure Vessel Design,
Operation Research, M/c Design
15 Mr. Prakash Naik Assistant Professor Manufacturing Technology 91-7600408949
16 Ms. Mary Florence Alamothu Assistant Professor Heat and Mass Transfer,
Thermal and Design
17 Mr. Vinod Patel Assistant Professor Heat and masst
IC Engine,
18 Mr. Piyush Patel Assistant Professor Manufacturing and Designing 91-9727139227
19 Mr. Gaurav Gadhesaria Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics,
Heat And Mass Transfer,
Renewable Energy
20 Mr. Kunal Gaywala Assistant Professor Gas Dynamics,
Thermal science,
Heat Transfer,
21 Mr. Vishal Mehta Assistant Professor Machine Designing,
Fracture Mechanics
22 Mr. Keyur Patel Assistant Professor Heat transfer and Refrigeration 91-9998150717
23 Mrs. Seema Lad Assistant Professor Thermal and turbo machine 91-9825802548
24 Ms. Dharti Parmar Assistant Professor Hydraulics,Turbines,
25 Mr. Jayesh Jariwala Assistant Professor Pressure Vessel Design,
Analysis Numerical Controlled Machine technology Reverse Engineering
26 Mr. Krishna Patel Assistant Professor Material Science and Metallurgy, Production technology, Manufacturing technology, Welding, Casting 91-9377697702
27 Mr. Hardik Prajapati Assistant Professor Manufacturing techniques, Machine Design, FEM Tools, Thermodynamics,Mythology Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printer and special purpose vehicle, Project 91-8238699230
28 Mr. Hardik Vashi Assistant Professor Aerodynamics Fluid Mechanics Turbo machines Propulsion Flight Vehicle Design 91-9909968880
29 Mr. Kapil Gohil Assistant Professor Welding FEA analysis 91-9726019089
30 Mr. Krunalkumar Patel Assistant Professor Power Plant Heat Exchanger 91-7405521386
31 Mr. Mohammad Husain Shaikh Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics
Computational fluid
dynamics Turbo machines.
32 Mr. Jignesh Sohaliya Assistant Professor Theory of machine
Fundamental of
mechanical engineering
Internal combustion engine.
33 Mr. Jignesh Gadhiya Assistant Professor Computer Aided Design
Theory Of Machine
Engineering Graphics.
34 Mr. Sachin Gupta Assistant Professor Strength of Materials
Computer Aided
Design Computer
Aided Manufacturing.
35 Mr. Urvin patel Assistant Professor Machine Design,
Refrigeration and air
conditioning, Fluid
Mechanics, Hydraulic
Machines, Computer
Aided Design.
36 Mr. Sandip Parmar Assistant Professor Manufacturing Processes,
Welding, Operation
Research, Industrial
37 Mr. Sachin patel Assistant Professor Machine Design
Mechanical Stress
Analysis Finite Element
Analysis Kinematics and
Dynamics of Machines.
38 Ms. Sweta Jha Assistant Professor Machine Component
Design Machine
Design Engineering
Mechanics Strength
Of Material Theory
of Machines.
39 Mr. Kapil Shah Assistant Professor Thermodynamic, Fluid Engineering ,Power plant engineering 91-8460332942
40 Mr. Soyeb Multani Assistant Professor Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer ,Fluid Engineering 91-9016242695
41 Mr. Haresh Ghoniya Assistant Professor 3D Modelling and CAM based Manufacturing 91-8866363304
42 Mr. Umang Patel Assistant Professor Material science and Metallurgy, Manufacturing technology, Welding technology, Foundry technology 91-9737808857
43 Mr. Keyur Surti Assistant Professor Manufacturing techniques machine design, GD &T, robotics, fluid mechanics, engineering graphics, production technology 91-9879011662
44 Mr. Darshan Shah Assistant Professor Production/Manufacturing, Welding, Engineering Graphics, Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Automobile Engineering. 91-7777988456
45 Mr. Jainish Topiwala Assistant Professor Fluid Structure Interaction Alternative Energy Resources - Solar Thermal Systems Cryogenics Advancement in Non Destructive Testing. 91-7600825484
46 Mr. Sandip G Patel Assistant Professor Fracture Mechanics, Finite Element Method/Analysis, Machine Design, Strength of Material, Vibration, Stress Analysis. 91-9913091201
47 Mr. Bhargav Patel Assistant Professor Lean Manufacturing Tools and Techniques, Manufacturing Management, Rapid Prototyping, FEA Analysis, Welding Analysis, Design of Experiment, Hybrid Bikes & Cars. 91-9725655088
48 Mr. Mayur N Patel Assistant Professor Non Conventional Machining, Quality and reliability engineering. 91-9979983632
49 Mr. Manish Maisuria Assistant Professor Turbo Machines, Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics. 91-8000219655
50 Mr. Pratik Umrigar Assistant Professor Automobile Engineering, Design & Fabrication Of Automobile. 91-9724339252>
51 Mr. Krunal Parmar Assistant Professor Fundamental of Mechaical System, Automoile Techology, I.C Engine, Vehicle dynamics. 91-9099872868
52 Mr. Dhaval Patel Assistant Professor Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics. 91-9662973347
53 Mr. Viral Nagar Assistant Professor CFD Analysis, FEA Analysis, Efficiency improvement of steam turbine. 91-8000551598
54 Mr. Afzal Bhat Assistant Professor Rapid Prototyping, Fracture Mechanics, FEA Simulation. 91-9879011662
55 Mr. Viren Bagadiya Assistant Professor 91-8866159126
56 Mr. Naitik Patel Assistant Professor 91-9624642894
57 Mr. Sajan Joshi Assistant Professor 91-9725990529
58 Mr. Bhrugesh Radadiya Assistant Professor 91-9714755375
59 Mr. Deep D Parekh Assistant Professor 91-9909245110