Civil Engineering Testing Consultancy Services

Services Provided:

Structural Design & Proof Checking of all types of RC and Steel Structures, Foundation Design, Stability of Slopes, Concrete Mix Design, Asphalt Mix Design, Concrete Strength Assessment, Earthquake affected Buildings Stability, Rehabilitation, Retrofitting, Strengthening, Surveying work by Total Station and Alignment through GPS

Cement, Concrete, Bricks, Tile, Timber, Doors, Paver Blocks, Burnt clay/ Flyash Bricks, Fire resistant Bricks, Coarse Aggregate (Kapchi), Fine Aggregate(Sand), Reinforcing Bars- TMT/ HYSD/ M S Bars, A C sheets, Rebound Hammer, UPV Testing, Soil Explorations & Soil Testing, Bitumen Testing etc.

Testing Laboratory Approved by NPCIL-KAPP 3 & 4
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