Department of Diploma Mechanical Engineering

About the Department

Diploma Mechanical Engineering was established in 2013 to accomplish the necessity of competent mechanical engineers in the current phase of infrastructure development in the state as well as nation. To realize, the curriculum has been designed with close interaction of faculty members with the experts from the industries.

To have hands-on experience, laboratories are developed indigenously. The department owns laboratories in the area of Fluid engineering, Thermal engineering, Mechanical Measurement, Manufacturing engineering, Automobile engines, etc.

In favor of the overall development of students, the department follows holistic approach that incorporates career counseling, industrial tour and professional society related exercises along with academic activities. Faculty members are well qualified and acquainted with industrial practices. Industrial affiliations are established by signing MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with some industries in the areas like fabrication, process, automobile and manufacturing.

The department aims to provide students with industry or job-related Engineering knowledge, scientific skills, Computing and analysis, Mathematical techniques and Sound knowledge of English to communicate in the field and ability to apply problem solving techniques.

Head of Department

Mr. Jignesh Gadhiya
HoD, Diploma Studies, CGPIT.

Message for Students

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Department of Diploma Mechanical Engineering CGPIT, UTU. We have grown our expertise and competence in the core Diploma Mechanical Engineering curriculum to accomplish the necessity of competent Mechanical engineers in the current phase of infrastructure development in the state as well as nation.

As a head, it is my goal to create a department that is affluent with good teachers and good students, all working together for the benefit of every single individual. I expect our teachers to actively involved in helping students as well as department success. I with my staff make every possible effort to be actively helpful to the entire university community. If we can be of any assistance to you, then we are always here for you please feel free to contact us.

Apart from academics you should develop your soft skills as well. And for that you should participate in extra-curricular activities which also help you to develop your management skills.

All the best and Enjoy..!

Best Wishes,

Diploma Mechanical Engineering

During the study of Mechanical engineering program, students will demonstrate the Following;
1. PSO1: An ability to apply knowledge of computing, mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals appropriate to design, thermal and manufacturing problems.
2. PSO2: An ability to design solution for thermal, hydraulics and machining systems and design components and processes that meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for factor of safety, social and environmental aspects.
3. PSO3: Perform procedures as per laboratory standards in the areas of Dynamics, Design, Manufacturing and Hydraulics.