Following steps should be followed while issuing LOR:

1. The student has to fill the google form (student has to upload IELTS/GRE/TOEFL/Duolingo/German language etc*. certificate in PDF format only) given in the link below.

Click here

2. Student needs to call to respective faculties from whom they need LOR.
3. Faculty members are advised to share the LOR (as per the attached format in .doc or .docx format) with the respective department coordinator.
4. The department faculty coordinator will verify and will suggest the correction if any.
5. After correction, he/she will enter the outward number in the LOR.
6. He/she will send LOR to admin CGPIT with cc to respective faculties.
7. Students can ask for confirmation from the respective faculty before coming to college.
8. The student will collect the LOR from admin CGPIT, make a number of colour copies of the LOR, take signature from the respective faculties, take round institute stamp from Admin CGPIT in the LOR.
*If you want to apply with the medium of instruction letter, please upload the medium of instruction letter.

Department wise coordinator

1. Automobile - Mr Hiren Shah
2. Civil - Ms Grishma Thaker
3. Computer and AI & DS - Ms Shivani Vora
4. Chemical - Dr Barman Ghanshyam
5. Electrical - Mr Hiren Siddhpuriya
6. EC and ICT - Dr Jayesh Munjani
7. IT and Cyber Security - Mr. Achyut Sakadasariya
8. Mechanical and Mechatronics - Mr Mo Husain Shaikh
9. Diploma Studies - Mr Jignesh Gadhiya

Download Format for LOR