Department of Chemical Engineering

About The Department

Welcome to the CGPIT Chemical Engineering webpage!

Department of Chemical Engineering was established in the year 2015. The department started with a 4 Year Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering with an objective is to prepare students for professional practice, graduate study, lifelong learning and to learn novel scientific and technological concepts used for chemical engineering practice.

Chemical Engineering at CGPIT is a mixture of traditional Chemical Engineering as well as the upcoming areas of Chemical Engineering. The department has qualified faculty members engaged in teaching with the aim of achieving excellence in various fields. We aim at educating our students to discover and disseminate knowledge through research. We are committed to achieve excellence and evaluates success using the highest standards of quality, innovation, and visibility, while at the same time providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our students have full access to the University's rich infrastructure and culture. Most of the courses are designed in such a fashion that there are ample scope for students to think beyond the class room teaching and learn innovative techniques to solve real life problems.

As CGPIT is located in southern part of Gujarat where lots of chemical engineering companies are situated, the students get a chance to interact with local chemical companies and get connected through summer internships and regular plant visits to industries. To have practical experience, laboratories are developed. The department owns laboratories in the area of Fluid mechanics, heat transfer, chemistry, chemical process technology etc. For overall development of students, the department follows holistic approach that incorporates career counselling, industrial tour and professional society related exercises along with academic activities.

We welcome your visit to our campus and department, either in person or via the web to know more about the latest in chemical engineering at CGPIT!

Head of Department

Dr. Chinmay K. Desai
HoD, Chemical Department, CGPIT.

Message for Students

Dear Students,

I am very much delighted to welcome you all and I am sure that you will be the heart of UTU campus with our vision and goal, which will frame you dynamic technocrat of multi-dimensional personality.

We shall perennially strive to be a vibrant department, which rank among the very best in the nation through imparting quality education in chemical engineering and allied areas (petroleum refining, bio-energy, environmental pollution control, pharmaceuticals, polymer, paints, food, dyes & intermediates, process modeling & simulation, perfumery, nanoscience, etc.), foster research and development, evolve innovative applications of technologies, encourage entrepreneurship and ultimately mold younger generation capable of assuming leadership of the society for the betterment of the country.

Our Goal:
1. Foster a sense of service, professionalism, ethics, and dedication in our students. 2. Ensure our students are gaining the skills and experience needed to work as professional engineers. 3. Maintain a professional, ethical, and respectful workplace that is mutually supportive and open to diversity and that fosters communication, dialogue, and sharing of ideas and resources whenever possible. 4. Remain responsive to the needs of our communities (the public, our profession, academia, our university, our faculty, our students, and business and industry, as well as the environment). 5. Maintain a strong focus on sustainability (in our teaching and research, in how we operate, and in our consideration of our communities and our environment). 6. Build the physical, infrastructure, and human resource capacity to provide students a high-quality, world-class education and to expand our world-class research capabilities. 7. Build our research base by strengthening ties between the Faculty, the University, the community, and industry 8. Build programs to meet evolving student, industry, and community needs.

List of Laboratory

General chemical Technology-I lab
General chemical Technology-II lab
Heat Transfer Lab
Mass transfer-I lab
Fluid flow operation lab
Instrumentation Process Control lab
Mechanical Operation Lab
Physical Chemistry Lab
Inorganic Chemistry lab

List of Committee

Training & Placement Committee   Prof. Jitendra Kumar
Prof. Rajnish Raj
Syllabus & Revision Committee   Prof. Komal Desai
Prof. Shrinivas Mundkar
Time Table Committee   Prof. Komal Desai
Prof. Shrinivas Mundkar
Website Committee   Prof. Komal Desai
Prof. Jitendra Kumar
Examination Committee   Prof. Komal Desai
Prof. Shrinivas Mundkar
Continous Internal Evaluation   Prof. Komal Desai
Prof. Shrinivas Mundkar
Result Analysis Committee   Prof. Komal Desai
Prof. Shrinivas Mundkar
Library Committee   Prof. Rajnish Raj
Prof. Parvathy S.Chandran
Equipment Purchase Committee             Prof. Komal Desai
Prof. Shrinivas Mundkar
Prof. Jitendra Kumar
Prof. Rajnish Raj
Prof. Parvathy S.Chandran
Prof. Vishal  Khomane
Prof. Abhishek Bari
Event + Publication + Data Collection Committee   Prof. Rajnish Raj
Prof. Jitendra Kumar
SIS Committee Prof. Komal Desai
University Exam Portal   Prof. Komal Desai
Prof. Shrinivas Mundkar
Chemical Purchase Committee Prof. Jitendra Kumar Prof. Rajnish Raj Prof. Parvathy S.Chandran