IoT Lab

Internet of Things laboratory at the Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology is dedicated to research and development of technologies supporting the engineering and deployment of systems based on the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things or many of the time coined as IoT combines embedded systems devices with existing network infrastructure. IoT as a most emerging field is playing and ever increasing role and is likely to change the existing technological solution in industry and society dramatically in the near future.  Pervasive nature of use and demands of IoT applications not only functional correctness, robustness, safety, and efficiency of IoT systems but also close protection of their users, so that security and privacy parameters are also play crucial role.

The laboratory of Internet of Things is formulated considering the vision of long term sustainable development of IoT enabled applications and services.

The Internet of Things represents the convergence of three major and irreversible technology trends namely – Embedded systems and devices, Pervasive connectivity including mobile and cloud computing and real-time analytics and contextual intelligence. IoT enables the technology to collect and share relevant information ranging from factory devices to enterprise systems across the supply chain, coupled with the ability to make real-time decisions, results in an unprecedented convergence of information technology and operations technology that can deliver quantum leaps in productivity and agility.