About Library

Information is an essential input to national development. The modern library has great responsibility in harnessing and utilization of information. The library and information centers strive for high quality of library services which emphasis the actual delivery of information rather than actual delivery of documents for meeting their generic as well as specific needs of the users.

The CGPIT library consists of vast variety of materials (Books, Magazines, Journals, Seminar reports etc.) which support the teaching, research and extension programs of the Institute. All students, faculty members of the institute are entitled to make use of the library facilities on taking library membership. The library, besides having a huge collection of books on engineering, science and humanities offers library services through its various divisions.


Library serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for faculty and students of the institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge.


Library aims to be best among engineering college libraries among all the Universities of Gujarat State. Library intends to incorporate the latest technology and adopt user friendly approach towards students and faculty. Library intends to offer comprehensive services related to dissemination of Knowledge. Here mentioned the services provided by Library.

Library Services

Aim of our library is to fulfil every possible need of students as well as faculties. To fulfil this requirement, our library functions during 8:45AM to 5:30PM on weekdays. Special facilities are given to students during their examinations by functioning 8:45AM to 5:30PM.

Membership Details

The library is mainly for the use of faculty, students and supporting staff of the institution. They can borrow books and reference books as per the library rules.

Members Book Limit Loan period Late fee
Principal/ Director/ HOD 15 180 days --
Prof./ Asso. Prof/Asst. Prof./Teachers 10 180 days 3/- per day per book
Other staff 05 180 days 3/- per day per book
B.Tech Students 03 15 days 10/- per day per book
M.Tech Students 03 15 days 10/- per day per book
Library Automation

Data Server 1
Issue System 1
Return System 1
Close Circuit TV Camera 1
New Arrivals Display

All new books are displayed on the new arrival rack. The list of new arrival books is also displayed in the library notice board.

Book Bank Facility

Book Bank with a collection of books is functioning for students as 1250 rupees per semester for UG and PG students.


Our library provides the facility of photocopying with the minimum of the rates for students.

Library Resources

Sr. No. Item Quantity
1 Books 70904
2 International Journals 3
3 National Journals 33
4 Bound Volumes of Periodicals 204
5 Magazines 11
6 Newspapers 6
7 Total No. of CDs 3047
8 M.Tech Dissertation Reports 419
9 B.Tech Project Reports 1035
10 Personal Computer with Internet facility 28
Library Features

World ebooks Library

South Asis Archive

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Online Public Access Catalogue
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Library Staff

Mamta Patel


M.L.I.Sc. M.Phil GSET

Pushpa Chaudhari

Assistant Librarian


Paresh Chauhan


12th - ITI

Shirish Patel

Kiran Nayka

Rules & Regulations

  • Strict and absolute silence shall be observed in the Library.

  • Bags, Big hand bags and files are strictly prohibited inside the library.

  • No reader shall take any printed materials inside the library. The readers are requested to keep their belongings at the entrance of the library.

  • Borrowed library materials are strictly prohibited to take the same again inside the library

  • The counter shall be closed 15 minutes before the closing of the library.

  • If the due date falls on a holiday for the library, the next working day will be taken as the due date.

  • Books will be issued to the students only after surrendering the student's borrower tickets.

  • If any books is lost or damaged beyond repair, the person responsible shall pay double the cost of the book.

  • Books will be issued subject to availability.

  • Any kind of marking, underlying, clipping of books is absolutely for bidden. Readers shall be held responsible for any damage done to the book belonging to the library and shall be required to replace such book or pay the value thereof.

  • Absence from the college will not be allowed as an excuse for the delay in the return of books. Under special circumstances, the librarian may refuse the issue of books or recall the books already issued from any member without assigning any reason thereof.

  • The borrower will be responsible for any loss or non-return of any book issued against his/her original or duplicate library borrower's ticket.

  • Reference books, Newspapers and Magazines/ journals will not be issued to the students.