CGPIT not only encourages Industrial projects but it has also initiated a strategic industrial collaboration to accelerate innovation and help deliver solutions to vital social challenges.

CGPIT has a special Industry Institute Partnership Cell which constantly strives for strategic partnerships with various leading Industries anchoring it as a vital center of competence to help tackle social challenges and drive economic growth.

To bridge gap between Academic and Industry, Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) has initiated with the following objectives:

  1. To identify the area of projects, subject to feasibility and approval of specific projects for final year students.

  2. Exchange of personnel between the Industries and Institute by way of involving industry personnel in delivering lectures on latest technological growth, evaluation of project work, development of curricula as per industry need and other academic work in institutions.

  3. To provide various facilities and guidance on various accreditations required for development of laboratories.

  4. To arrange Industrial training, Study tours, Short Term Programs and Workshops for benefit of students.

  5. To organize Faculty Training Programs and participate in Industrial - Expo form time to time.

  6. To encourage industry and organizations for placement and training of students in Industries.

  7. Widening and effectively implementing the R&D activities and consultancy between the industries and the Institute.

  8. To provide guidance on various accreditation required for the CGPIT for development of laboratories for various facilities as applicable.

  9. To provide assistance in course development activities for required faculties and endorsement of various training/course modules from both the parties.

  10. To provide consultancy/project services as per the scope of work from the clients of both the parties.

Industrial Collaborations

MoU between UTU and L&T PTI, Vadodara, Gujarat.

MoU between UTU and FORD India Private Limited

MoU between CGPIT and Megnor Computers Pvt. Ltd.

MoU between CGPIT and Leadwell Engineering, Gujarat,India.

MoU between Axiom and CGPIT

MoU between CGPIT and Micron Engineering,Gujarat,India

MoU between UTU and Textile Machineries Manufactures's Association,India.

Educational Collaborations

MoU between Uka Tarsadia University and University of Ilorin,Nigeria.

Circular for Student and Teacher Exchange between Uka Tarsadia University and University of Ilorine, Nigeria.