Events 2013

A workshop on "Women empowerment" was a wake-up call aimed to empower girls giving the necessary information to make decisions for a positive, healthy, successful and respectful life. A young woman with a mind full of knowledge and a deep self-respect is better equipped to speak her mind clearly, step out of her comfort zone, set clear boundaries and be a part of healthy relationships. And thus to empower the youth female of Gujarat, three speakers viz. Mrs. Darshana Jardosh, Ms. Rekha Shah and Ms. Jyoti Kumari were invited.

Mrs. Darshana Jardosh is a seating Member of the Parliament representing Surat constituency of Gujarat State. She is a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party and was elected to Lok Sabha for the first time in 2009.

Ms. Rekha Shah is CEO of Ecochem Sales & Service which is one of leading Companies in the field of Environment Consultancy. The company has a huge clientele all across the globe.

Ms. Jyoti Kumari is a scientific officer at Kakrapar Atomic Power Station. They shared knowledge on various areas and opportunities, to bring awareness among the women and guide them.

Mrs. Darshana Jardosh shared her experience of her journey to politics and gave guidance on how to join politics. Another two sessions were conducted by Ms. Jyoti Kumari and Mr. C. P. Joshi, scientific officers at Kakrapar Atomic Power Station, who guided the audience in bringing awareness in the scientific areas where too, women are spreading their bounds and the different opportunities for them. The entire session was organized by the female faculties as well as the students of CGPIT dedicated to women as an open circle wherein participants were given the opportunity to interact with speakers and engage themselves in an intelligent and open discussion.

Every cultural event has many aspects in the life of every individual and particularly for Student, it is more important event during student life. Cultural event gives tremendous possibilities to explore the inner strength of student . By participating in the event, student can get self confidence and improve himself / herself to face the upcoming challenges throughout the life. Looking to the on going competition in the field of every corner, it is strongly believe to involve therein based on his / her ability for respective event. The cultural event is a vast platform to perform / produce inner strength of every individuals.

‐ " Excellence in work towards Infinity " was conceptualized with an aim to motivate the youth of CGPIT to think out of the box, expand their horizons and reach the zenith of success in all techno-management spheres. It has stayed true to its vision since, and from its humble beginning, Anantyam revealed in being one of the premier techno-management festivals of UTU. With a reach of hundreds of college students from each department, Anantyam has played a phenomenal role in bringing out the true potential of CGPIT's best and promoting technological and social betterment. The main aim of Anantyam was to let the students feel as a "TRUE ENGINEER" who wills to ACTUALLY make his hand dirty using his own true potentials and humble nature with kind knowledge. We are living in an era where the engineers are NOT WILLING to operate machines or in simple words, make their hands dirty.

A national level technical symposium under the name of Sci-Clone'14 was organized at C.G.Patel Institute of Technology on 4-5th March under the guidance of our honorable Director Dr. N.C.Shah. The festival consisted of 39 Technical and Non-Technical events related to the different fields of engineering under the name of Nirmaan (Civil Engineering Department), Aanveek (Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Communication Department), Tarkik (Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department), Yantrik (Mechanical and Automobile Engineering department) .

Around 1700 participants took part in the event from across the state and country. The event was organized by around 100 student co-coordinators and volunteers forming a three tiered structure in nature. Heading the team is the Overall co-coordinator along with event co-coordinators as well as the volunteers. The main aim of the event was to bring the students from different engineering institute under one roof and knowing one’s potential in terms of technicality and team work. The event was also noticed by various local newspapers like GUJARAT SAMACHAR, SANDESH, DIVYA BHASKAR, TIMES OF INDIA, GUJARAT GUARDIAN.