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March 3, 2017
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April 7, 2017
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STTP on Modeling and Optimization Techniques for Engineering Applications

The five-day Short term training programme (STTP) on “MODELING AND OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES FOR ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS (MOTEA)”” is scheduled to be held during (27th March to 31st March 2017). The main objective of this training program is to promote the application of optimization methods in the engineering sciences. The training program provides a forum in which the participants obtain information about recent advances of optimization sciences and learn about the needs of engineering sciences and successful applications of optimization methods. It tries to close the gap between optimization theory and the practice of engineering. The proposed training program presents all traditional and advanced methods of optimization of relevance to applications in engineering sciences. It also highlights successful applications of optimization in various areas and contains sessions for the participants without a strong background in the field, which offer material aimed at educating potential users of optimization methodologies.
The first day sessions were handled by Dr. Chinmay Desai on overview of various matlab attributes and its application and Dr. D. I. Lalwani on topic of introduction to various traditional operation research techniques as well as genetic algorithm.
The Second day sessions were handled by Prof. Chinmay desai and he gave a expert lecture on various optimization techniques and was followed by Dr. Akash Pandey on DOE and Taguchi method as well as particle swarm optimization techniques.
The third day sessions were handled by Dr. Reena Trivedi, and she gave a expert lecture on conventional optimization techniques that was followed by Dr. Jayesh Dhodiya on topic of solution of fuzzy multi objective optimization problems.
The fourth day sessions were handled by Dr. Kalpesh Maniya and he gave a expert lecture on MADM techniques and he was followed by Prof. Mayur N patel who gave a expert lecture of method of taguchi optimization with a hands on session.
The fifth day sessios were handled by Dr, V. D. Kalyankar who gave a expert lecture on teaching learning based based optimization techniques and the same was followed by Dr. Dinesh singh on the topic on multi attributes optimization techniques.
After the completion of the session there was a question answer session where many students cleared their doubt regarding interfacing and programming.

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