Department of Electrical Engineering organized the visit to Adani Mundra Port
February 23, 2018
One day Seminar on “Pollution Control and Environmental Safety-2018” on 5th march 2018
March 5, 2018
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Department of CE & IT engineering has organized One Week Short Term Training Program On “Experience the Cloud & Cluster Computing”, 19th-24th February, 2018.

The goal of this STTP is to provide knowledge in the emerging field of cloud computing and cluster computing. The contents of STTP are as follows:

• Understanding fundamentals of different server architectures necessary for cloud computing.
• Practically understanding differences among core and thread.
• Creating private cloud using different tools and software.
• Deploying and accessing OS on private cloud.
• Configure, deploy, manage, and monitor cloud services.
• Understanding and exploring essential characteristics of private cloud computing.
• Exploring essential characteristics of public cloud using Azure, Google and AWS cloud.
• Exploring essential characteristics of public CC.
• Experiencing machine learning and deep learning programs.
• Experiencing Hadoop setup.
• Google like search engine setup in local lab.
• Experiencing Amazon web services (EC2, S3, AMI, and Load Balancer).
• Demonstration of Lamda and Polly Services.
• Experiencing infrastructure as a code (Ansible).
• Jenkins (Continuous Integration/Continuous Development.
• Containerization and Orchestration of containers.
• Programming cloud resources using Xen SDK.
• Differentiate HPC, hybrid cloud, open stack, and eucalyptus.
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